Young boy commits suicide, father blames the doctor for his death

  • Posted on: July 18, 2019

Narendra was a depressed boy. Perhaps he was going through a lot in his life or maybe he did not have anyone to share his pain, one could not tell. He had consumed poison and was taken in a serious condition by his parents at Khera Hospital where Dr. Khera checked the boy and admitted him.

Unfortunately the young boy could not be saved. The parents were shocked and their loss was unbearable. They sued Dr. Khera and the hospital and alleged that while the boy was brought at 9:50 PM, the treatment was started only at 10:30 PM by a specialist called by Dr. Khera. This delay caused the young boy’s death, claimed the bereaving parents. They also alleged that while the hospital claimed to provide 24-hours emergency service, there was no ICU, provision for oxygen or even an ambulance.

Dr. Khera could not understand as to why he was dragged in the acrimonious legal suit. But he was not perturbed as he presented his defense. It was stated that the patient had consumed a very potent poison and by the time he was brought to the hospital, his vitals were dwindling. It was further stated that the patient was brought in at 10:15 PM and not at 9:50 PM as claimed. The doctor presented medical records and admission records to substantiate this statement.

The doctor further pointed out that the specialist was summoned immediately and the patient was treated immediately once he was diagnosed. Even poor prognosis was explained to the patient’s father. I did my best but could not save the patient, concluded the doctor.

The Commission perhaps empathised with the boy’s father, but evidence clearly was in favour of the doctor and hospital. It was observed that records clearly mentioned 10:15 PM as the admission time, and the treatment was started at 10:30 PM, within a gap of fifteen minutes only. Even the specialist arrived within that time but unfortunately, the potency of poison claimed the patient’s life, observed the Commission and ruled in favour of the doctor and hospital.

Source: Order pronounced by State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 21st January, 2019