Better to not have such relatives

  • Posted on: August 14, 2016

Some social equations are quite terrible. Instead of doing their best to save the patient against all odds, some family members go against each other, against the doctors and hospitals!

Late Ramesh Kumar was suffering with Septicaemia caused due to gluteal cellulitis. After consulting a nursing home, he was referred and admitted to Bharat Hospital run by Dr. Dahiya. The tests conducted at the hospital confirmed extreme gluteal cellulitis and an immediate surgery was advised. The patient, however, was discharged after two days on request of his relatives and admitted to Aggarsain Hospital where he died in a week.

Unable to comprehend the loss of her husband and caregiver, Mintesh – wife of late Ramesh Kumar – approached State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Haryana. She alleged negligence on part Bharat Hospital and Dr. Kishan, whom the patient had consulted before his admission to the hospital. They caused my husband’s death, bereaved Mintesh before making a range of serious allegations. She alleged Dr. Kishan of administering unknown injections from non-sterilized syringes. She alleged Bharat Hospital of performing a minor surgery and conservatively treating the patient. They eventually showed their inability in treating my husband which is why he was shifted to Aggarsain Hospital. And this must be the reason for his death – claimed Mintesh.

Dr. Kishan and Dr. Dahiya of Bharat Hospital were unfazed by the emotional intimidation. Dr. Kishan clarified that the patient visited him but he expressed inability to provide any treatment, and advised him to consult a reputed hospital. However, he vehemently denied administering any injections. Dr. Dahiya on behalf of his hospital clarified that the patient had taken treatment from a quack before approaching them, which had worsened his condition. Even the General Surgeon was consulted who advised an immediate surgery, but the patient’s relatives failed to arrange blood in spite of repeated reminders and requests. Eventually, on their request, the patient was discharged from Bharat Hospital and admitted to Aggarsain Hospital. The doctors there too advised an immediate surgery but the patient’s relatives didn’t consent for it there too. How is my hospital responsible, questioned Dr. Dahiya.

Arguments with merit – the Commission must’ve thought as it began with the ruling. At the outset, the Commission observed that there was no document of treatment given by Dr. Kishan placed on record. The patient’s relatives didn’t give consent for a surgery at both hospitals, and records from both hospitals prove that the patient was suffering from Septicaemia, further observed the Commission. Mintesh neither presented any evidence to prove the stage at which Septicaemia developed, nor could she prove that it was on account of wrong treatment provided by the treating doctors – they cannot be held negligent for late Ramesh Kumar’s death, ruled the Commission.

Evidently, such bereavements are better channelized elsewhere.

Source: Order pronounced by State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Haryana on 26th April, 2016.