Relatives denying post-mortem? You must do this…

  • Posted on: January 15, 2020

It is advisable to suggest post mortem after patient’s demise. While the patient’s relatives can choose to deny the same, it is very important to record such denial in medical records.

In one of the cases that reached West Bengal Consumer Commission, the deceased patient’s husband sued the doctors and alleged that the patient’s body was forcibly released without performing post-mortem, which reeked of conspiracy.

The doctors stated in defence that it was in fact the patient’s husband that refused post-mortem and wanted to cremate the patient as per the rituals – a fact that was recorded in medical records.

The Commission observed that the matter had reached local police station, and it was noted in its diary that the patient’s husband had indeed refused post-mortem. The same fact reflected in the doctors’ medical records as well.

The doctors’ diligence in record keeping saved them from an adverse verdict.

Source: Order pronounced by West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Mumbai on 30th September, 2019.

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