Studied silence does hospital and its doctors no good

  • Posted on: November 19, 2020

The patient – a hale and hearty pregnant woman – went through a torrid time on account of negligence of a hospital and its doctors. They paid heavily for their mistakes too.

Chhavi was admitted at the hospital for delivery. She was administered anaesthesia through spinal cord, after which a clot formed and her legs went numb. A boy was delivered but during delivery his head was injured due to laceration. He was immediately shifted to another hospital but died soon thereafter.

The patient remained hospitalised for almost four months and also suffered partial disability in her legs.

Chavvi and her husband sued the hospital and its doctors. Their main allegation was that the administration of anaesthesia and delivery of the baby boy were done negligently.

The hospital and doctors tried to put up a strong defence but it did not impress the Commission.

It was observed that while the hospital and doctors denied any negligence in delivering the baby, they simply stated that he was transferred due to emergency reasons. What were the reasons and under what circumstances was he transferred? There was a numb silence.

The Commission further observed that hospital’s claim about patient’s fit condition at the time of discharge was without merit. The discharge card clearly mentioned ‘patient condition – improved’. On this aspect, the Commission stated, “This proves that patient had not fully recovered”.

The patient did not have any problem of numbness at the time of admission. Why did she then suffer it after delivery? This fact also remained unexplained observed the Commission.

The hospital and doctors were held negligent and ordered to shell out ten lakh rupees compensation.

Source: Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on 30th July, 2020.