Dengue shock shocks patient’s family

  • Posted on: July 29, 2021

The patient developed high grade fever and received treatment from her local doctor but to no avail. She was subsequently taken to a hospital where tests confirmed diagnosis of dengue.

Her temperature shot up to 105-degrees and hence was shifted to ICU. She was talking gibberish and had bouts of epileptic episodes. The doctors administered Midazolam injection and anti-epileptic drugs. Unfortunately, the patient developed respiratory depression and cardiac arrest. Despite resuscitation measures, she could not be revived.

Of course, her family blamed the hospital and its doctors. They alleged that there was a delay in shifting the patient to ICU. It was further alleged that the patient died due to hypoxic injury to her brain and respiratory depression after injection Midazolam was administered.

The Commission rejected the allegations and observed that the patient was shifted to ICU at the first indication of complications. It was further observed that the patient was critical, violent and irritable. These were signs of dengue shock. Injection Midazolam is used to prevent anxiety, cause sedation, and amnesia before medical procedures. The Commission ruled that onset of respiratory depression was due of severity of dengue shock and not due to injection Midazolam.

Source: Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on 1st June, 2021.