Open fracture leads to broken and unfounded allegations

  • Posted on: February 01, 2020

Om Prakash’s fall from the first floor to ground floor caused quite a stir for the hospital where he went for treatment as the doctors at the hospital diagnosed the injury as compound fracture and performed a surgery. Om Prakash was advised possibility of another surgery after 2-3 months.

Instead of heeding to the advice of undergoing a second surgery given by the first hospital, and also by two subsequent hospitals where Om Prakash went for second opinion, he chose to ignore the same. Eventually, a second surgery was performed after about six months.

Om Prakash, for baseless reasons, sued the first hospital and alleged that doctors at the hospital left the wound open and did not endeavour to close it. It was further alleged that the doctors did not provide proper treatment after he complained of discharge from the operated site!

What is wrong with some patients today, the Commission may have pondered upon listening to the allegations.

From medical records, the Commission observed that the patient didn’t follow up as advised. Citing excerpt from medical literature, it was also observed that open fracture is prone to infections and regular follows up are must in order to avoid them.

The Commission ruled in favour of the hospital observing that the doctors adopted correct course of treatment. Om Prakash perhaps suffered yet another setback, this one probably taught him an important lesson as well.

Source: Order pronounced by Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on 4th September, 2019.

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