Freak accident leaves everyone bamboozled

  • Posted on: February 13, 2020

Freak accidents and mishaps do occur in almost every profession, healthcare is no exception as such. But the ‘freak quotient’ of this unique case is such that it may force hospitals and pathology labs to take better notice of it.

Fathima, a six year old girl, was taken to a hospital by her grandfather for blood test. A lab technician inserted the syringe needle to draw blood from her hand, but the little one jerked her hand away at that exact moment! Unfortunately the needle struck Fathima’s right eye causing post traumatic sub-conjunctival haemorrhage.

The hospital, unfortunately, was sued for this mishap. Appalled at being dragged to the court, it was stated that the freak accident occurred due to the grandfather’s failure in holding and containing the child properly. It was his duty to hold her while the technician was about to draw blood.

The Commission observed that there was merit in complaint and ordered the hospital to pay fifty thousand rupees as compensation!

After such a verdict, probably laboratories and hospitals may want to set up their own internal protocols on performing tests / drawing blood from young patients visiting them.

Source: Order pronounced by Kerala State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on 7th November, 2019.