Chemist gets creative, law gets punitive

  • Posted on: August 31, 2017

In a strange case, a patient was given wrong eye drops by the chemist who tried to hide the mistake behind the name of the drop, instead of pleading guilty.

Sreevidya had undergone acataract surgery and the doctor had prescribed Moxigram-P eye drops along with other medicines. The chemist gave her Moxigram instead and claimed that both were same when the patient’s husband enquired. The patient developed oedema and inflammation and approached a hospital where the doctor explained that Moxigram was the cause as it did not contain steroid preemistone.

The chemist was challenged at the State Disputes Consumer Redressal Commission, Kerala where she gave some astounding defence. It was stated that the bill was in name of one Vidya and the patient’s husband bought the medicine, hence she was not a direct consumer. Moreover, the prescription was for Moxigram and not Moxigram-P, concluded the chemist.

The chemist drew the Commission’s ire with her baseless claims. It was observed that even though the patient’s husband bought the eye drops, it was meant for the patient, and the chemist was hiding her mistake by presenting trivial defence of wrong name. It was also observed that the prescription indeed was for Moxigram-P, which contained steroid preemistone to control infection. The chemist was held guilty and ordered to pay compensation.

Source: Order pronounced by State Disputes Consumer Redressal Commission, Kerala on 31st May, 2017