Mistake or a blunder?

  • Posted on: February 03, 2022

The hospital in this case was held negligent not for committing a medical error but rather an administrative error. Such instances reaching courts more often than not is an unfortunate trend that could be reversed by hospital administration

The patient was admitted and diagnosed as a case of upper and lower respiratory tract infection. He received proper treatment at the hospital and was discharged in matter of hours. However a lapse on part of hospital administration irked the patient immensely.

The hospital was sued on the ground that it did not provide treatment details.

Sincere pleas offered by the hospital administration – that the patient was treated properly, etc. – were obviously rejected.

The Commission held hospital deficient as it did not provide treatment papers to the patient despite the request made for same. The Commission also observed that even discharge summary was devoid of treatment details.

Source:Order pronounced by Gujarat State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on 21st October, 2021