Social media exposes patient’s false claims

  • Posted on: June 12, 2018

No one can lie, hide, make false allegations and get away with it in this digital age. This case shows the heights some patients can go to only to allege the doctors and demand hefty compensation from them, almost like a blackmail.

Saurabh had undergone a Lasik surgery which was performed by Dr. Sachdev at New Delhi Centre for Sight. It seemed that Saurabh did not ‘like’ the way surgery was performed or had ulterior motives as what transpired after the surgery baffled the doctor, the hospital and even the court.

The patient approached National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi and laid allegations upon allegations. It was claimed that despite the surgery being unsuccessful, the doctor did not cooperate and his attitude was indifferent as he did not provide any post-surgery care to avoid the spread of infection. It was further claimed that the patient had to go to USA for better treatment but the doctors there also suggested that there was little that could be done.

The allegations didn’t stop there. It was claimed that the steroid prescribed by doctor affected the patient’s liver function and he had to get it tested every week. The most shocking of claims was that the patient suffered depression and became suicidal because of loss of proper vision and several other ailments that he suffered after surgery. His social life had been spoilt, all because of the doctor, and he must pay six crores as compensation, claimed the patient!

The tall and damning claims were met with damning evidences. From patient’s Facebook profile and presence on other social media platforms, the Commission observed that he was leading a completely normal life and nothing seemed suicidal. There was photographic evidence that he was leading an extrovert life! The psychiatric prescription too produced by the patient didn’t prove that he suffered suicidal tendency. Moreover, there was no evidence whatsoever that the Lasik surgery performed by the doctor was deficient or wrong.

The patient was reprimanded for baseless allegations as the doctor and hospital were declared not guilty.

Source: Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 10th May, 2018