Patient expires – Hospital blamed for administering expired medicines

  • Posted on: June 09, 2017

Death of a loved one can be tough to accept. This story is an apt example of the extent sometimes family members can go to blame the doctor or hospital in this case, for such an unfortunate event.

Purnima Devi was admitted to the ICU of Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital, Chhattisgarh in a critical condition. After being hospitalized for five days, her family sought discharge against medical advice, and unfortunately she died the very next day. Tempers were flaring as Purnima Devi’s relatives dragged the hospital to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi. It was alleged by them that the patient was administered expired medicines which were procured from the hospital’s pharmacy. Surprisingly, the family also alleged that the patient was suddenly discharged from the hospital without appropriate reasons. We need justice and compensation, demanded Purnima Devi’s family.

The hospital simply could not understand the reason for this type of a stance taken by the patient’s family. The allegations of administering expired medicine and discharging the patient without a notice were refuted as the hospital presented medical records to prove the facts.

The Commission, after thoroughly studying the records, which also contained a report from the District Drug Inspector, made obvious observations. It was observed that the drugs administered to the patient were not expired. The Commission further observed that one of the family members had signed the discharge form which clearly stated that she is being discharged against medical advice. How they could vent out the frustration of their loss on the treating doctors and hospital, the Commission would’ve wondered as they pronounced hospital not guilty of any negligence.

It was good that Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital diligently maintained the records. That eventually saved them from unjustified allegations and compensation.

Source:Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 25th May, 2017