Patient’s false complain ‘piled out’ by the court

  • Posted on: March 28, 2019

Tandra was an impatient patient. She had sued Dr. Sarkar for not getting the desired result from the treatment provided. But the court of law came to the good doctor’s rescue, quashing tall claims made by the patient.

Dr. Sarkar was providing treatment through antibiotics to Tandra for piles. When it did not subside, the patient visited another doctor who advised surgical intervention. The patient underwent a minor operation and later was cured of piles.

She got the energy back as soon as she was cured to approach National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi and blaming the doctor for callous approach. She alleged that Dr. Sarkar ought to have advised surgical intervention instead of prescribing antibiotics. She also alleged that she had to go to Kolkata to get the operation done and that cost her time and money.

The Commission was unimpressed by her tall claims as it stated the following: “After 8 days when the pain did not subside the patient visited another doctor and that doctor advised her for surgical intervention. After surgical intervention she was cured. Surgeon is also available in Tripura and there is nothing in the record that such surgery was not possible in Tripura”.

“Dr. Sarkar prescribed some antibiotics hoping that the abscess might subside and pain might be removed. When the pain didn’t subside, the patient didnt visit Dr. Sarkar again but went to another doctor after eight days. That doctor then referred her to surgeon. For this delay of eight days in treatment she did not suffer any damage. There is no medical opinion to support that the prescribed antibiotics caused any damage to the affected area and there is no medical opinion to support that the antibiotics were wrongly prescribed and were not supportive in the treatment”.

Source: Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 17th January, 2019.