Dr. Do-Good’s Patient Up-To-No Good

  • Posted on: July 12, 2016

Law is often used by patients for ulterior motives. Patient in this story may top that list, as you will see.

Usha Devi was admitted to ECIS Model Hospital with a history of painful defecation and bleeding. Dr. Kumar diagnosed thrombotic prolapsed piles in addition to Pyocele of Gall Bladder with Parietal Abscess, and performed two surgeries – one for piles and another for removal of infected gall bladder.

A malignant virus called greed had infected Usha Devi’s mind, or so was evident in the allegations she made against ECIS Model Hospital and Dr. Kumar as she approached the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi. She took off by claiming that the hospital had removed her kidney! Yes, really!! Not sparing Dr. Kumar, she blamed him for not performing pre-operative diagnostic tests and for removing the gall bladder unnecessarily, as she only had the problem of piles. She presented a report from a cancer institute to back her claim, which stated that there was no malignancy in the gall bladder.

The Commission would’ve observed spite in Usha Devi’s demeanour as it point-blank rejected her grouse that ECIS Model Hospital removed her kidney. Where is the proof, grilled the Commission! Dr. Kumar’s decision to perform both surgeries under anaesthesia in one sitting was absolutely as per medical standards, noted the Commission. Moreover, the doctor’s decision was correct also because it was in Usha Devi’s interest as the histopathological study reported a chronic cholecystitis. Both the surgeries were totally separate and there was no harm or injury that resulted as a consequence.

The only outcome possible was the exposure of patient’s ill will. Dr. Kumar and ECIS Model Hospital were obviously not found guilty.

Source: Order pronounced by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 4th May, 2016.